Key Features...

    • Max. Pouch Size: A4
    • Release Function (ABS)
    • Warm-up Time: 3 - 4 minutes
    • Heating System: 2 heated PTC rollers
    • Laminating Speed: 330 mm/min
    • Max. Thickness of Laminate: 0.5 mm
    • For Laminating Pouches up to 2 x 125 microns
    • Max. Working Width 230 mm
    • Laminating Method: Hot 

Price: KSH 2750.0

Old Cost: KSH 5500

Vendor: Jaca Africa

Supplier: Jaca Africa

Color: Not Specified

Peach Premium Laminator PL750 Office laminator for A4 documents. It has two heated auto-controlled temperature laminating cylinders that can work with a foil thick up to 2x 125 microns and can laminate a document with a thickness of up to 0.5 mm. The heating time is around 3 minutes. The device is completely silent and easy to use - just turn it on, let heating the heating cylinders, and then just insert the documents in the lamination pockets into the inlet. Laminating is the ideal way to protect documents and photos from moisture, dirt, twisting and other effects that negatively affect readability and appearance. The document is placed in a lamination pocket - between two layers of thin transparent film, which are thermally bonded in the laminator and securely and reliably adhere to the document. The joint is moisture-proof and durable, the laminated document is firm and can not be easily bent.

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